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Deep embossing produces non-slip surface for safe walking on it.
Thick surface material provides high wear resistance and durability.
Wide choice of color helps create effective interior design in any space.

  School, kindergarten, library, institution for the handicapped/aged, golf clubhouse, shop, office,
exhibition booth, automobile interior, apartment staircase, building staircase, etc
Thickness : 1.20mm
Width : 2m
Roll length : 25m/Roll
-BK790 (CM-1)   -BR790 (CM-2)   -BU790 (CM-1)
-GD790 (CM-2)   -GN790 (CM-1)   -GR791 (CM-2)
-RD790 (CM-3)   -SV791 (CM-3)   -SV791 (CM-3)