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Hardwood Charcoal Component
Hardwood charcoal emits far infra ray that provides healthful energy and also has antimicrobial,
deodorant, dehumidifying and insect-proof effects preventing the growth of various harmful insects
and germs.
Eco-friendly Products
Niceleum does not emit harmful formaldehyde. It is truly an eco-friendly wellbeing flooring
covering that cares about the health of people.
Prints with perfect details
Using advanced printing technology, Niceleum reproduces the beauty of the nature reviving
the natural looks and creating the atmosphere of elegant interior.
Produced with highly advanced coating process, Niceleum is extremely durable enhancing
practicality and economy.

Interior floor coverings for general housing, apartment and various business facilities.
Thickness : 1.6mm(0.15mm), 1.8mm(0.3mm)
Width : 1.83M/2M
Roll length : 20m/Roll
-CH12062   -CH12244   -CH12261
-CH12269   -CH12289   -CH12301
-CH12366   -CH12367   -CH12385
-CS62071   -CS62101   -CS62152
-CS62273   -CS82181   -CS82249
-CS82274   -CS82311   -CS82355