Chinyang Chemical Corporationl was originally established in July 1963 as a manufacturer and distributor of shoes and synthetic resin products. Synthetic resin business division has been operated independently since 1974 when a new factory was completed in Ulsan and, eventually in January 2001, the company was re-established separate from synthetic resin business division.
Since the opening of Ulsan factory, the company has been investing heavily in product development which, coupled with a vast inventory of contemporary design information, allowed us to produce a variety of products that has been setting the consumer trends. We are committed to make our lives more affluent and convenient producing high quality decorative floor coverings, elegant artificial leathers, tarpaulins and other products utilizing eco-friendly materials TPU/TPO.

In order to satisfy the demands of the customers, Chinyang Chemical Corporation will continue to stay close to the customers with all ears and develop new competitive products to lead the way to the creation of affluent and elegant living.